Royal Auto Ship – Best Auto Transport Service in United State.

Yes, We’re Open! – Royal Auto Shipping is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Carrier Network


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Dedicated Support

Our Carrier Relations team puts your needs first, taking the time to understand your business needs and preferences, helping you work smarter and faster. Carriers in our network can get the advantage to get loads over any other company outside.

Quick Access to Loads

United Freeway Transportation is closely working with SuperDispatch to post and dispatch loads over SuperDispatch TMS. See thousands of cars from coast-to-coast on the industry-leading load board. From our user-friendly platform.

On Time Payment

United Freeway Transportation offers flexible payment options, including QuickPay and direct deposit, to get money in your pocket in just two days. No added fees.

Get started now

You’ll work with a Montway agent to complete your profile, verify your
credentials and ensure compliance. Have ready:

  • MC certificate, state permit
  • DOT number
  • Liability and cargo insurance name, email and phone number
  • Photos of your equipment
  • Most common state routes you haul to
  • Your SuperDispatch TMS account
Please email the info mentioned above to